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Pipe Leak Repairs and Repiping a House

Call us at 281-302-6710 for expert plumbing services wherever you live in Metro Houston.

Graham Plumbing Services can identify the location of your leak and repair the problem at a very reasonable price.  Our repairs are warranted for a year.

If your home has old galvanized pipes, Graham Plumbing can repipe your house with new PEX piping.  Other companies typically cut water to your home for several days.  Graham Plumbing technicians can usually restore your water service at the end of a workday so you can sleep in your own home while the work is being done.  Graham Plumbing Services can usually finish a repipe job on a 3,000 square foot house in a day or two -- other plumbers will take much more time to complete the job.  Some plumbing companies will try to talk you into relining your aging galvanized pipes.  We can usually replace your galvanized pipes with PEX for less money.  Again, our work is warranted for a year.

Check the reviews and testimonials we've received from our customers.  We're rated A+ by the Houston Better Business Bureau.